Manufacturing Process

How Living Silica®
is developed?

the Living Silica®manufacturing process is
comprised of three steps:

the Living Silica®manufacturing process is comprised of three steps:


From Le Ribault’s original molecule formulation steps, we achieved an improved world-class process to obtain the purest, safest, and most consistent quality silica in the world, recognized by chemical engineers and industry experts as the superior method. With our unique proprietary process, we have been able to duplicate nature’s natural way of producing silica.


LIVING SILICA® is manufactured in a dedicated, single-purpose facility. Our unique yet simple process enables us to stabilize the most effective, bioavailable, and high-quality vegan collagen supplement in the market. We don’t use any radiation sanitizing methods. Instead, we use high-pressure processing technology (HPP). This guarantees the safety and purity of our formula.


It goes through a stage of inspection to test the efficacy and microbial limits to ensure that the product is made according to the specifications and the FDA Food Supplements cGMP regulations. In fact, we are affirmed as Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) for LIVING SILICA’s use in food and beverages by the FDA. Therefore, you can rest easy knowing that our formula is safe, pure, and effective.