Silica is an essential nutrient, vital for growth and repair. It’s especially beneficial for athletes, as it works with calcium and magnesium in the body to enhance flexibility, strength and tissue regeneration. As we become old, the silica levels in our bodies decline, inflicting our bones to weaken. Living Silica™ can help increase bone calcium absorption, boost collagen production, speed up healing, and improve bone elasticity and strength.

  • Boosts and regenerates the natural synthesis of biomolecules that make up bones, muscles, joints, cartilage, tendons, and ligaments – by 19{6eef0a753c68d0e03230ac0319a54c2d451bef78d8917f67f4cdd67ba7c77963}.
  • Accelerates recovery immediately after intense workouts.
  • Offers QUALITY AND QUANTITY. LIVING SILICA, offers bioavailable silica that increases levels of collagen and elastin.


Athletes also benefit immensely from Living Silica™ recovery-boosting properties. It minimizes the adverse effects of regular exercise on our bodies by boosting collagen, which helps the body recover after an intense workout.

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